Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A legend in his own lifetime!‏

Veteran tamil director K Balachandar was a pioneer in more ways than one. At a time when films were identified by the charisma of  heroes like MGR or Shivaji and studios like AVM /Gemini, KB's films stood out thanks to their cinematic content and his directorial touch. In a career spanning six decades, he strode diverse genres like theatre, cinema and TV serials with equal ease. Age did not weather him and he stayed relevant to the changing times until the very end.  Using the commercial medium of cinema as a social medium, he often made his art  portray how life should be, rather than just imitate life. His women protagonists always defied social stereotypes. To him goes the credit of launching the career of many debutantes, including Rajinikanth's, no less! Foremost among the scores of directors and artists who consider him their 'Guru' is Kamala Hassan. He made a positive difference to the world of movie-makers and movie- goers.Truly, a legend in his own lifetime!

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  1. Great observation esp with reference to KB brand in MGR - Shivaji times & some great writing Shambs.