Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Compassion and Inclusion

Actress Shriya Saran is in the news as her new hindi film, a remake of the malayalam hit Dhrishyam is to hit the marquee this friday. I was pleasantly surprised to know she runs a spa named Spandan manned entirely by visually impaired therapists. What made her venture into such an enterprise? In the interview given to Pune Times of 29th July 2015 she says, 
" we all grow up sitting in a class room next to a child who is either better or equal to you. So you never grow up helping someone who may be better than you but just less abled.  So a part of you that is meant to show compassion is not developed as you only know how to show competition. As a result, we only know how to show pity instead of compassion. i feel community service needs to be introduced and made mandatory for kids in school."

Point to ponder for sure. Can't help recalling Karthik Subbaraj's short film 'Broken Gods' for Ability Foundation. Worth more than just a view. Click on the link below to watch.

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